Azienda agricola Marco Sambin (english)

The farm was founded in 2002 by Marco Sambin driven by his passion for the fascinating history of the Euganean Hills and the beauty and goodness of its fruits. Dedication for the work in contact with nature and for the challenges have one goal: to produce a wine with no compromises, natural, able to talk to the soul and to seduce the palate.
The farm is located in Valnogaredo Euganean Hills Regional Park. The property covers 4 hectares overlooking a breathtaking valley surrounded by nature and tranquility of vineyards and olive trees in a typical Mediterranean environment.

Who's who

Marco Sambin
Full Professor of Psychology at the University of Padova, he joined the production of fine wines with the training and development of young psychotherapists in his beautiful countryhouse.

Guido Busatto
Agronomist and winemaker; Guido works with some of the most sought after niche italian wineries and collaborated also with some remarkable French and Spanish producers. In his long activity he has developed a deep experience in managing vineyards with the organic and biodynamic approach.

Loredano Sinigaglia
Leonardo is the vineyard worker; he keeps the family tradition in the cultivation of land. He has worked in several wineries of the area. He loves being outdoors in contact with nature.

Our philosophy

Ours is an 'avant-garde' tradition:
- we respect the land and nature
- we hold fast to our family traditions
- on this wonderful hillside we ask only 5 bunches of wine of each vine. We produce only 6000 bottles of wine for every three hectares of vineyard, half a bottle per plant, favouring quality over quantity


The grapes are grown following the biological-dynamic method in which careful attention it is placed in the cure and protection of soil's life. These grapes give birth to a wine, Marcus, that is pure concentrated nature and when you drink it, makes you feel good.


The Marcus vines are grown on the terraced clay and limestone slopes of Mt. Versa. It is a southern slope, south, south-west facing at between 50 and 100 metres above sea level with white shales and  intrusions of rosso ammonitico and pure limestone rich in flint stratifications. Significant quantities of well-structured clay allows our wines to express all their phenolic power and body.


The vines of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Syrah, are trained with spurred cordon system with density around 9000 plants / ha. Irrigation is used like simple aid to keep the balance of the leaves canopy whenever is needed. Everything is hand made. The yield per plant is naturally low, due to the rocky and shallow soils and thinning operations are done only where necessary in order to air the belt of the grapes: each plant carries 4/6 bunches for a medium yield of about 500 gr of fresh grape.


Grapes are hand picked and selected in one single day. Each grape variety is harvested when it reaches the optimal phenolic / aromatic ripening level, and placed in small boxes. The grapes are pressed within 2 hours from the collection


The grapes are gently destemmed and crushed and racked in small stainless steel vats. Fermented by means of solely native yeasts for about 15 days, with pigeages and pumping overs. Once the maceration is over ,the skins are gently pressed by means of a traditional basket press and the press wine is racked separately in french oak barrels.


Immediately after the end of maceration , the wine is siphoned in French oak barrels of first and second passage. To preserve the rich fruit of the vineyard of origin, the wine is racked only when needed, depending on the vintage. After a year of ageing sur-lie the individual lots of wine are ready to be blended.
In the final stage, the wine is put in stainless steel vats for few months, therefore it is bottled unfiltered and left to rest for at least one year in bottle.


Marcus is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc plus a small addition of Syrah giving this wine an extra bonus of Mediterranean spices and aromatics. It shows deep, intense, vertical features, fully balanced hints of dark and red wild fruits that combine balsamic, mineral and leathery notes. The palate confirms in intensity and persistence the bouquet promises: gently dry, silky, velvety and smooth, with nicely integrated juicy tannins and a lovely acidity that gives and extra dimension of freshness and drinkability


Marcus 2012: Grand Gold Medal  at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.
Marcus 2012: Gold Medal at Mundus Vini  2016.
Marcus 2012: Bronze Medal at Decanter World Wine Awards 2016.
Marcus 2011: Bronze Medal at Decanter World Wine Awards 2015.
Marcus 2010: Silver Medal at Decanter World Wine Awards 2014.
Marcus 2010: “Grande Vino”, Great Wine for Slowine 2014.
Marcus 2010:  top hundred, one of the best 100 wines of Italy for Golosario.
Marcus 2009: Special Mention  at 20th Vinitaly International Enology Awards

Technical info

Retail name:
       Marcus, IGT
Grape varieties:
    Merlot 35%, Cabernet Sauvignon 25%, Syrah  25%; Cabernet Franc 15%
      limestone-clay, south and south west facing
     hill terraces
Vine density:
      1.70/1.60 x 0.70/0.60
Training system:
      spurred cordon/alberello a ventaglio (vertical trellised and head pruned bush training system)
Plants per hectare:
      by hand with grape selection in the 'harvest cart'
Picking time:
      from the beginning to the end of September
      in steel with frequent punching down, delestage and pumping over.
Fermentation times and temperatures:
     controlled temperatures of 27-28 degrees depending on vintage and individual grape varieties for 10-18 months depending on grape variety
      New and 1st passage French oak barriques for 20 months
Annual production:

Tasting notes Marcus 2015

Deep ruby red in colour showing the density of the wine with a slightly lighter but clear rim.
On the nose it is raspberry type fruit and cassis, both red and black, which prevails with flint rock, incense, Lebanese cedar and eucalyptus nuances emerging later.
In the mouth the wine is powerful and tangibly tannin rich suffusing the fruit, once again raspberry, blackberry, cassis and graphite with meat and black pepper nuances.
It is a multi-layered and velvety wine which unfurls in the warmth of the glass. Pairings Ideal with fish dishes, oven-cooked or grilled, roast white meat and fresh cheeses.

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